WinPhone Info Redesign

by Kevin December 23, 2011 09:30

After my big Bill Reminder update, instead of taking a much-needed break, I decided to turn WinPhone Info into a full-featured app with an all new interface... 3 weeks and about 200 hours of coding and debugging later, it is almost ready.

Besides all of the new features, I really wanted to switch the main page from Pivot to Panorama style, because the Panorama style provides a more professional look and feel, and it really showcases the simple beauty of the Metro UI. However, it does present a lot of challenges for a design-challenged developer like me - splash screens, background images, hub tile images, UI responsiveness, etc.

Here is a link to an excellent article on the proper use of the Metro UI - When Metro design falls off the tracks.

Click here to learn more about the current version of WinPhone Info and for a link to download it in the Marketplace.

Here is a preview of the new interface:

WinPhone Info Beta Screenshot 1 WinPhone Info Beta Screenshot 2 WinPhone Info Beta Screenshot 3


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Windows Phone

Is It 12/23/2011 or 23/12/2011?

by Kevin December 23, 2011 08:39

In my rush to get the Live Tile and pop-up reminder update out for Bill Reminder, I overlooked testing different date/time formats for the pop-up reminder scheduler. Result? DateTime.Parse error, and no way to get to the main page.

Maybe jumping to an error page to report an exception wasn't such a great idea. I'll be rewriting the error handling in a future update.

As for the bug at hand, I just needed to specify the culture that the date/time was originally stored in and let the DateTime.Parse function handle the conversion. The code looks like this and should be available for download in a few days:

reminder.BeginTime = DateTime.Parse(popUpReminderTime, new CultureInfo("en-US");

Apologies to my international users, and thanks to Mathieu for reporting it and helping to find a fix.


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Windows Phone

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