Getting My Surface Windows 8 Pro Today

by Kevin February 8, 2013 22:38

Surface Windows 8 Pro Reservation Pass Front

Surface Windows 8 Pro Reservation Pass Back


I picked up my Surface Windows 8 Pro reservation pass earlier this week at the Microsoft Store in the Florida Mall, and I will be showing up early to be in the front of the line when the doors open. I even have a coworker who will be picking one up tomorrow, so I won't be the only one in the office with a Surface. I believe that a large number of people were holding out for the Surface Windows 8 Pro, so Surface sales should pick up greatly after tomorrow.

I'm planning to get the 128GB model to guarantee that I have plenty of free space for Office 2013, my Windows 8 and Windows Phone development, and my entire music collection. I'll be deciding on which Surface accessories I want when I get to the store, but I am definitely getting the Microsoft Complete for Surface 2-year warranty while it is $50 off.

I'll be picking up another Surface Windows 8 Pro as a gift later this month, so I am definitely doing my part to help.

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Microsoft Surface | Windows 8

My Generation App Prize for UCF News for Windows 8

by Kevin February 8, 2013 21:30

Generartion App Prize


Here is a my Samsung Series 7 Slate with Windows 8 Pro that I won by being one of the first 2000 developers to have a new app published (UCF News) in the U.S. Windows Store before the October 26th Windows 8 launch date.

I am really impressed with the slate. Even though it was originally released for Windows 7, it works flawlessly with Windows 8. I did miss the convenience of the Touch Cover that I use on my Surface Windows RT, but adding the Bluetooth Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Wedge Touch Mouse made the slate as usable and portable as the Surface Windows RT, but with an 11.6" screen.

The slate also makes a great development device, because it has a generation 2 Core i5 processor, which allows it to run legacy Windows apps, unlike the Surface Windows RT. Having the slate with Windows 8 Pro has definitely made the wait for the release of the Surface Windows 8 Pro a lot easier.

I'll be replacing the Samsung Series 7 Slate, Surface Windows RT, and my company-provided laptop with a Surface Windows 8 Pro tomorrow, so the number of my development tools will be greatly reduced.

Click here for more information about Generation App and how they can help you develop your next Windows RT/8 and Windows Phone apps.

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Microsoft Surface | Windows 8

My Location - Now Available in the Windows Phone Store

by Kevin February 7, 2013 20:21

My Location ScreenshotMy Location (paid and free) is now available in the U.S. Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 8.

I developed the app after helping at a car accident and realizing that I wouldn't be able to explain to a 911 operator where I was. The app allows you to quickly find where you are and send location data and a map link to your current location via email or SMS. Most locations in the U.S. will also provide an address to make sharing your location even easier.

Click here for more screenshots and a link to download the app in the Windows Phone Store.


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