My Suggestions for Windows Phone Success (Part 1 of 3)

by Kevin June 20, 2013 21:35

Before You Put Your App in the Windows Phone Store

Make Sure You Spend the Time to Make a Quality App

You only have a limited time at the top of the new list. I learned this one from Alex and Luis at Neuralnet, and I still try to follow it. (Screaming Sheep is the one exception.)

Include Multiple Ad Networks

If you are going to include ads in your app, don’t rely on just PubCenter, or your app will have an empty black bar part of the time. I like AdDuplex for cross-marketing apps.

Sign Up for the Nokia Premium Developer Program

It’s going to cost you $99 to get your app in the Windows Phone Store anyway, so you might as well sign up for the Nokia Premium Developer Program and get the $1500 in benefits that Nokia throws in for the same $99.

Sign Up for a DVLUP Account

You’ve done the work, so you might as well get some DVLUP credit from Nokia.

Join Your Local User Group

Stay in the know on upcoming events and promotions and get help from other Windows Phone developers. In Florida, you can join Joe Healy's .NET users group and Shayne Boyer's Orlando Windows Phone users group. Nokia Ambassador Bill Reiss also hosts a Windows Phone discussion list for the entire Southeast. You can sign up for his list by clicking here.

Follow (and Get Followed by) the Big Names in the Windows Phone World on Twitter

I have 39 followers, but one of my followers has over 2900. Getting a retweet from him goes a long way, especially since many of his followers are Windows Phone users and developers. Thanks, Bill Reiss.

Create Your Own Blog

It may not get a lot of traffic, but it gives you somewhere to provide more information and pictures for your apps. You can also provide download links for paid and free versions of your apps from a single page. You can see an example by clicking here.

Use a URL-Shortening Service

It allows you to track the effectiveness of your advertising and see where clicks are coming from. It also makes posting a link to your app via Twitter or Facebook much easier. I use bitly.

Screaming Sheep Bitly Click Results

Screaming Sheep Bitly Geographic Results

Make It Easy for Your Customers to Help You

Include menu options to contact you, upgrade, rate, and share your app. Also, include ways for customers to find your other apps. Most of all, include a rating reminder pop-up, because many customers still won’t tap a menu to rate your app. The RadRateApplicationReminder control from Telerik (which you should already have, since you signed up for the Nokia Premium Developer Program already) works really well.

Windows Phone App Menu

Create a Help Page

A help page gives you more room to explain how your app works and to provide a better experience for your customers. Once you create it, you can easily use it in all of your apps.

Windows Phone Help File

It also gives you a place to let customers know about your other apps. I am planning to make this a dynamic list using Azure services, since my app count is growing more quickly now.

Windows Phone More Apps


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HTC Will NOT Be Making My Next Windows Phone

by Kevin September 19, 2012 21:59

For the first time in a long time, HTC will NOT be making my next Windows Phone.

HTC Quietly FailingMy first smartphone was an HTC Touch Pro running Windows Mobile 6.1 on Sprint. That was followed by an HTC Arrive/7 Pro running Windows Phone 7 on Sprint so I could start developing Windows Phone 7 apps. When Sprint gave up on Windows Phone for the iPhone, I gave up on Sprint and got an HTC Titan on AT&T. All three phones were great, especially the Titan. However, with the announcement of the HTC 8X and HTC 8S, I won't be getting another HTC Windows Phone.

I had big hopes for HTC when they promised they were 'Going Big' on Windows Phone 8, but after their Windows Phone 8 release event today, I was definitely disappointed. Even if you can get past the lazy reuse of the Android One X and One S names, you can't get past the fact that neither phone's features come anywhere close to those of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung ATIV S. As impressive as the hardware specs on the Samsung ATIV S are, Nokia trumps it with their exclusive software and services for their Lumia line, so when the new Windows Phone 8 devices hit the market this November, I will definitely be picking up a Nokia Lumia 920. I believe the majority of Windows Phone 8 purchasers will get the Nokia Lumia 920, as well. This is bad news for HTC, who is already losing to Samsung in the Android market.

Maybe HTC can capture the lion's share of the Firefox Mobile OS market, but it looks like they are going to have to get behind ZTE.

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Windows Phone

My Appy New Year Prize - A Nokia Lumia 800 in Black

by Kevin February 8, 2012 21:08

The paid version of WinPhone Info got me a free Nokia Lumia 800 from Microsoft by being one of the first 500 apps released in the U.S. marketplace in the New Year.

Nokia Lumia 800

I received the phone last night, and I am really impressed. The build quality is excellent, and the curved 3.7" ClearBlack AMOLED screen is beautiful. Another cool feature is Nokia's custom blue theme. It's a small touch, but looks much nicer than the default pale blue theme from Microsoft. I wish more manufacturers would use the custom theme slot - HTC's green would look really cool.

The model I received is the European version, but it does work on AT&T and supports HSPA. I'm tempted to use it as my primary phone, but I just can't switch to a 3.7" screen after getting used to my HTC Titan's 4.7" screen. It does however make me consider picking up the Lumia 900 when it comes out later this year on AT&T with a 4.3" screen and LTE.

Click here to see the details on Nokia's web site.


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