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**Now with OneDrive back up and restore, double-sided Live Tile, pop-up reminders, and calendar page**

Bill ReminderIf you are like me, you already use a full-featured money management program on your computer, and you don't want to re-enter all of your financial information into a separate application on your phone or rely on email reminders to know when your bills are due. Bill Reminder was written with those problems in mind. It gives you convenient, color-coded, reminders to quickly see when your bills are due; red for past due, yellow for due today, and green for not due yet. No account numbers or amounts are required. Just enter a name, frequency, and next occurrence date, and Bill Reminder color codes and sorts your bills into the correct lists. Mark a bill as paid, and Bill Reminder automatically updates the next occurrence date, color code, and reminder lists.

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Recent reviews:

  • Great w8 app, latest update includes a calendar for quick view, haven't missed a bill using it!
  • The new update is phenomenal. I love the calendar feature. Thanks.
  • This app has really helped me stay on top of my bills. Works great and the backup feature is terrific. Well worth purchasing.
  • Fantastic. Helps me avoid late fees. Thank you for live tile updates. One of my most used apps.
  • Very good app. Will definitely play a role in my journey towards debt freeeeeddddooooommmmmm!
  • I track all of my bills with this app, and have setup reminders. An absolute necessity.
  • Works great, keeps me organized on my bills, love live tile; it tells me without getting into the App when a bill is due. Love this App!!!!
  • Works great. Does a very good job of notifying you when a bill is due. The recent addition of a calendar to help you plan ahead makes it 5 stars. (An extra field to enter some details about the bill/payee would be a nice addition .)

Note: Bill reminders are not stored or shared by the developer of Bill Reminder or Microsoft. To "back up" your reminders, click the email list icon in the appbar to email a list of your reminders to an email address that you provide.

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Version 2.4 Update:
- Added an error message to prevent creating a back up with 0 reminders.

Version 2.3 Updates:
- Fixed the back up and restore OneDrive login issue caused by Microsoft disabling an older software development kit (SDK) access.
- Changed SkyDrive references to OneDrive.
- Re-enabled the 30 day pivot page. If you had all or calendar set as the default page on start, you will need to reset it in the app's settings.

Version 2.2 Updates:
- Fixed a bug where the Live Tile image was missing.
- Removed the opening splash screen to make the app load faster.

Version 2.1 Update:
- Fixed a bug where the calendar page was not updating the Live Tile.

Version 2.0 Updates:
- Added a calendar page, which can be set as the default page in the app's settings.
- Added the day of the week to the due date display.
- Added a rate the app reminder.

Version 1.9 Updates:
- Added support for using a comma as a decimal separator for countries that do not use a period.
- Updated the contact email.
- Updated the Live Tiles.

Version 1.8 Updates:
- Added a check for low memory devices to disable pop-reminders and Live Tile updates, because background tasks are not supported on devices with less than 512MB of memory.
- Fixed UTCOutOfRange error with back up and restore for users in Australia (UTC+10). Thanks Sam for all of your help.

Version 1.7 Updates:
- Added Windows Live SkyDrive back up and restore support.
- Changed the no bills due today message on the back of the Live Tile to show the next bill due month and day when no bills are past due or due today.

Version 1.6 Update:
- Changed the pop-up reminder date/time error to a pop-up message to prevent not being able to access the bill list.

Version 1.5 Updates:
- Fixed pop-up reminder date/time error when the format is set to something other than month/day/year.
- Fixed amount formatting to match the phone's currency format.

Version 1.4 Updates:
- Added a settings page.
- Added double-sided Live Tile support.
- Added pop-up reminder support.
- Added a default pivot (page) on start selector.
- Updated help pages.
- Fixed payment URL error.

Version 1.3 Updates:
- Updated for Mango to include new OS features, such as fast application switching.
- Updated menus and help pages.
- Improved light theme compatibility.
- Added a 6 month frequency.

Version 1.2 Update:
- Added a quarterly frequency.

Version 1.1 Updates:
- Added a bi-monthly frequency.
- Added a list of more apps available in the Marketplace.

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