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Find Me Here IconFind Me Here displays your location information using the location services of your phone. You can quickly find where you are in an emergency or when just meeting with friends or family and send the location data and a map link via email, social networks, or SMS. You can even take and share a photo* of where you are to help them find you more quickly.

*Currently, photos must be shared as a separate task.

Please feel free to submit feedback and suggestions - Contact.

Note: In order to display your location information, Find Me Here will need to use your phone's location services. Find Me Here will not store or share this data, and you can always turn off the usage of location services.

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Version 1.7 Update:
- Fixed a bug that caused menu items to disappear when navigating back to the app.

Version 1.6 Update:
- Added a selector to the settings page for the Live Tile background color: transparent or blue.

Version 1.5 Update:
- Added Live Tiles with transparent backgrounds to support Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen background images.

Version 1.4 Update:
- Fixed a bug with the shared map link to prevent commas in the latitude and longitude values that were causing it to not work properly.

Version 1.3 Update:
- Added a settings page.

Version 1.2 Updates:
- Added double-sided Live Tile support.
- Increased the maximum acceptable location cache age to reduce the chance of the app hanging while getting the current location.

Version 1.1 Update:
- Added an option to include the current address when sharing your location.

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