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Password Maker IconAre you looking for a password app that creates passwords quickly and easily with settings that allow you to meet your corporate password requirements? Well, then Password Maker is for you.

Password Maker doesn't store your passwords, so you don't have to worry about losing your phone or remembering a master password that locks you out of the app if you forget it.

Just edit the settings to choose options, such as which characters and capitalization to include. You can even edit the list of special characters, if certain characters aren't supported by your systems.

Once the settings match your password requirements, tap the generate password button until you see a password you like. Then you can easily copy and paste it to other apps.

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Desktop screenshots:

Mobile screenshots:
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Password Maker Screenshot 4 Password Maker Screenshot 5 Password Maker Screenshot 6
Password Maker Screenshot 7 Password Maker Screenshot 8

Version 1.3 Update:
- Added support for the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform.
- Set Live Tile background to transparent only.

Version 1.2 Update:
- Added a selector to the settings page for the Live Tile background color: transparent or blue.

Version 1.1 Update:
- Added Live Tiles with transparent backgrounds to support Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen background images.

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