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WinPhone InfoWinPhone Info displays real-time info about your Windows Phone device in an easy-to-navigate, Metro-styled interface. View detailed info in the category pages, including device, memory, media, miscellaneous, network, region, sensors, and location. Tap the favorite icon next to any item to add it to the favorites list on the main page for quick viewing.

WinPhone Info also provides connectivity settings Live Tiles for airplane mode, bluetooth, cellular, and wi-fi that you can pin to your Start screen for convenient access to your phone's settings. (A future update will include a background task to update the back side of the cellular and wi-fi Live Tiles every 30 minutes.)

Other features include sharing your location and current address via email or SMS and an email report of all data.

**Additional informatio will be included as it is made available to developers.**

- Double-sided Live Tile support when pinned to the Start screen.
- Connectivity settings Live Tiles for quick access to your phone's airplane mode, bluetooth, cellular, and wi-fi settings.
- Double-sided category hub tiles.
- Easily choose the items you want to add to the favorites list on the main page.
- Email a report of all current data.
- Device info - manufacturer, model, unique id, hardware and software versions, and anonymous user id.
- Memory info - total, current usage, peak usage, and available storage.
- Media info - artist, album, genre, playlist, song, and picture counts.
- Misc(ellaneous) info - primary and front-facing cameras present, keyboard present and deployed, and power source.
- Network info - cellular, data and data roaming enabled, network available, wi-fi enabled, current interface type, and connected interface list.
- Region info - format, time zone, short and long date formats, short and long time formats, and first day of week.
- Sensor info - supported APIs and accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, and motion readings.
- Location info - latitude, longitude, heading, speed, as well as a Bing map to view the data updates in real-time and to send a map link and address of your current location via email or SMS.

Please feel free to submit feedback and suggestions - Contact.

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Version 3.1 Updates:
- Added a settings page.
- Update the miscellaneous page to show the actual screen resolution width and height values.

Version 3.0 Updates:
- Added screen resolution to the miscellaneous page.
- Fixed a bug where the anonymous ID was not being returned when running on a Windows Phone 8 device.
- Fixed a bug with the shared map link to prevent commas in the latitude and longitude values that were causing it to not work properly.

Version 2.9 Updates:
- Added social sharing, and combined email, social, and SMS sharing into a single share appbar button.
- Changed map links to use, because does not show the location flag.
- Removed the ad bar from the location page to make the buttons easier to see.
- Added a share this app item to the main menu.
- Made other minor menu improvements.

Version 2.8 Updates:
- Added additional battery information to the miscellaneous page. (Windows Phone 8 version)
- Changed the connectivity settings page to settings launchers.
- Added a settings shortcut and secondary Live Tile for location. (Windows Phone 8 version)

Version 2.7 Updates:
- Added Windows Phone 8 support.
- Added large Live Tile support.
- Replaced the Bing map control with the new Nokia map control. (Windows Phone 8 version)

Version 2.6 Updates:
- Updated the contact email.
- Updated the Live Tiles.

Version 2.5 Update:
- Added an automatic setting to save the current panorama item (page) when exiting the app, so it can be restored on the next launch. This functionality mimics the phone's People hub.

Version 2.4 Updates:
- Added background color to headers in the favorites list to make them easier to see.
- Added the circle to the pin and star icons to make them valid Metro-style buttons.

Version 2.3 Updates:
- Redesigned the UI with the panorama page control to include a background image, categories page with hub tiles, favorites page, and a menu page.
- Separated the existing pivot page control into individual pages accessible from the category hub tiles.
- Added connectivity settings shortcuts for airplane mode, bluetooth, cellular, and wi-fi that can be used from the app or pinned to the Start screen as secondary Live Tiles.
- Added an add/remove favorites icon for all info items in the cateogory pages.
- Added the anonymous user id to the device category page.
- Removed uptime from the device category page, because it is only accurate up to 24.8 days.
- Changed the total, current usage, and peak usage values to MB in the memory category page.
- Added a connected interface list to the network category page.
- Redesigned the layout of the sensors category page to be easier to read.
- Added a current address lookup icon to the appbar on the map page.
- Added menu items to email or sms the current address found to the appbar on the map page.
- Updated the email report to reflect new and removed info.
- Switched to the larger ad bar due to the inconsistency of the smaller ad bar to receive ads.
- Added the AdDuplex ad bar for regions that do not support Microsoft ads.

Version 2.2 Update:
- Updated menus.

Version 2.1 Updates:
- Disabled system tray display at the top of the screen.
- Removed landscape mode and scrolling from pages that do not require it.
- Reduced the refresh rate of the sensor API data.
- Added small ad bar to help with development and advertising costs.

Version 2.0 Update:
- Added menu option to email report of all data (tap ... to display menu).

Version 1.9 Updates:
- Added double-sided Live Tile support.
- Added ability to send a map link to your current location via email or SMS.
- Updated icon images.

Version 1.8 Updates:
- Fixed a crash when navigating back to the map view.
- Reduced the refresh rate of the motion API data.

Version 1.7 Updates:
- Added new features available with the Mango APIs, including primary and rear-facing cameras, keyboard, power, network, compass, gyroscope, and motion APIs. (Note: The compass API requires hardware-specific drivers that are not present in the Mango beta from Microsoft.)
- Added the unique device id.
- Added media counts for music and pictures.
- Added region information.
- Added accelerometer data.

Version 1.6 Update:
- Added feet to the location measurements.

Version 1.5 Update:
- Added a list of more apps available in the Marketplace.

Version 1.4 Update:
- Fixed a bug where the Bing map would not be scrollable after switching viewing modes.

Version 1.3 Update:
- Added a map mode icon to switch the Bing map between road and aerial viewing modes.

Version 1.2 Updates:
- Added separate timers with increased intervals for memory usage and network type checks to improve application responsiveness
- New application icon and tile - Please repin the application to your start screen to refresh the tile if it does not automatically change.

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