My Appy New Year Prize - A Nokia Lumia 800 in Black

by Kevin February 8, 2012 21:08

The paid version of WinPhone Info got me a free Nokia Lumia 800 from Microsoft by being one of the first 500 apps released in the U.S. marketplace in the New Year.

Nokia Lumia 800

I received the phone last night, and I am really impressed. The build quality is excellent, and the curved 3.7" ClearBlack AMOLED screen is beautiful. Another cool feature is Nokia's custom blue theme. It's a small touch, but looks much nicer than the default pale blue theme from Microsoft. I wish more manufacturers would use the custom theme slot - HTC's green would look really cool.

The model I received is the European version, but it does work on AT&T and supports HSPA. I'm tempted to use it as my primary phone, but I just can't switch to a 3.7" screen after getting used to my HTC Titan's 4.7" screen. It does however make me consider picking up the Lumia 900 when it comes out later this year on AT&T with a 4.3" screen and LTE.

Click here to see the details on Nokia's web site.


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