Getting My Surface Windows 8 Pro Today

by Kevin February 8, 2013 22:38

Surface Windows 8 Pro Reservation Pass Front

Surface Windows 8 Pro Reservation Pass Back


I picked up my Surface Windows 8 Pro reservation pass earlier this week at the Microsoft Store in the Florida Mall, and I will be showing up early to be in the front of the line when the doors open. I even have a coworker who will be picking one up tomorrow, so I won't be the only one in the office with a Surface. I believe that a large number of people were holding out for the Surface Windows 8 Pro, so Surface sales should pick up greatly after tomorrow.

I'm planning to get the 128GB model to guarantee that I have plenty of free space for Office 2013, my Windows 8 and Windows Phone development, and my entire music collection. I'll be deciding on which Surface accessories I want when I get to the store, but I am definitely getting the Microsoft Complete for Surface 2-year warranty while it is $50 off.

I'll be picking up another Surface Windows 8 Pro as a gift later this month, so I am definitely doing my part to help.

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